About MedUro

MedUro Financial Services Co, Ltd (MedUro) is a Sudanese and global company providing Sudan Stock market and innovative online FX brokerage services. MedUro is found in Sudan.

With an outstanding track record of profitable growth, MedUro core business is acting as the primary source to its Sudan and global clients in local Stock and FX trading. Other principal products and services provide
MedUro clients with opportunities to trade on major indices, local stock, commodities, metals and individual equities.

MedUro target client’s base primarily consists of retail traders but it is increasingly servicing institutional partners as well, with transactions exclusively being executed online. Due to its rapid progression.

MedUro Social Trading is about opening the markets to everyone. At MedUro we encourage people to connect with one another to discuss, trade, invest, learn and share knowledge across the network. From now on, you don’t need to be a pro to trade like one.

Our product suite is turn-key and comprehensive, offering MT4 (software and hardware), MT4 web trader, CRM, social trading platforms and liquidity bridge. This is unique in the marketplace, allowing a cost effective solution that is ready to be deployed for retail and institutional traders, banks, and brokers.
Our team comprises of more than 50 highly skilled and experienced individuals working together to provide our clients with the most superior trading experience. We have offices in Europe and the Middle East and our presence is growing all the time.