Our Strateg

Our strategy is globalizing our financial investments through a distinguished risk management policy, superior services, fast implementation and
performance, professional staff and mutual beneficial long-term relationships with partners and clients to gain the largest positional share in the
International Market and consulting service in this market.

Planning clear policies based on knowledge and experience in International Stocks Management including currencies, contracts, etc to execute
an advanced investment plan that will positively reflect on our clients whom will be served from different parts of the world from one location,
this is through achieving the following goals:

Providing a variety of financial products that goes online with clients’ needs so as to perform Foreign Exchange Trading on our behalf and our

Facilitating and creating international investment opportunities for investors.

Offering financial investment consultancy services for financial or general investors through guiding and leading them for the best

Globalizing TMT Bank investments by getting licenses to open branches worldwide in addition to enhancing our international relationships.

TMT Bank aims to serve institutional and individuals who seek a professional foreign exchange trading service. TMT Bank focuses on customized

individual service to which TMT Bank is considered to be the ideal partner for: experienced individuals, insurance and shipping firms, banks,

financial institutions in addition to asset managers, in particular, because they can benefit from TMT Bank’s years of experience which allow

opening multiple trading accounts and making use of efficient back offices.