The Performance Page includes over 200 statistical and analytical tools to ensure that your trading account is as profitable as possible.

Statement VS Performance

Use more than 200 analytical measures in designing your
trading strategy.

Have access to performance results that are updated in
the matter of seconds



Regardless if you are rational or emotional trader, you
need highly reliable information in order to make a
decision you will be happy with.

While realizing that insights can come from the most
diverse forms of information, FxStat provides you with
more than 200 statistical measures you can use in making
your decision. In this way, we provide you with the
foremost level of transparency available in trading, with
the data accuracy calculated in seconds.

You can track the performance of your preferred signal
providers and market leaders, but you can also see how
your own performance looks like. All these analysis are
designed to help you choose the most profitable path in
your trading endeavors.

To help you trading with a clear, successful performance the mirror trading service offers you more than 150 statistical tools, graphs and charts


  • Graphical presentation of account performance.
  • Key statistical analytical features include total trades, total profitable trades, total losing trades, ratios, peak equity, total pips, probability of a loss, profit trend.
  • Trade breakdown by market.
  • Summary of deposits, withdrawals, profit/ loss, etc to date.
  • Share your performance / profile page with anyone you wish.
  • Breakdown of profits over successive months, and further analyses of each month’s trading.